Thursday, June 7, 2012

Bach Festival in Leipzig

Bach, Johann Sebastian
Bachfest Leipzig is one of the most prestigious festivals in Germany dedicated to the work of the famous composer Johann Sebastian Bach. It is held annually in the middle of June and it lasts for approximately 10 days. Every year in Germany several festivals dedicated to Bach are held but the most important is Leipzig Bach Festival. It welcomes Bach music lovers from all over the world.
The city of Leipzig is known for its culture. Its name is related to the names of Mendelssohn, Schouman, Schiller. As for Bach, the most creative period of his life was spent in Leipzig. He performed in the church of Saint Foma for 20 years and directed the boys' choir. Here, the monument of Bach is erected at the entrance. And the composer himself is buried near the alter.
Bachfest Leipzig is a festival of long lasting traditions. It took place for the first time in 1904. The slogan "Lepzig - the city of music" appeared in 1920s.
All in all, during the festival about 100 concerts and performances take place. The preference is given to the music of the 19th century but there are also jazz concerts and concerts of modern music. One of the remarkable events of the festival is medal handing to the best musicians of the year. This medal is made of Meissen china.
Every year, several festivals dedicated to Bach's music take place in Germany. Bach's music makes us think about evil and good, life and death, the question why we are here...


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