Thursday, June 14, 2012

70 years ago Walt Disney's Bambi was shown on big screens

The animated film "Bambi" based on the book by an Austrian author Felix Salten, was Walt Disney's favorite film. The story tells the life of a beautiful deer, its parents, its friends and its foes.
Disney started the creation of the film in 1936, but because of technical issues had to put it off till 1942. During the work the animators had to study hard the habits, the movements and the anatomy of different animals. For this purpose, two four-month-old deers were sent to Disney from the zoo. Soon the studio turned into a real zoo. There were two skunks, squirrels, birds, rabbits, chipmunks, owls and other forest animals. During the work on the film about four million drawings were made.
The opening night took place on June 14, 1942. "Bambi" was nominated in three categories: the best song, the best music and the best sound. The film got no award. The first year of the film was a failure. Yet, it became popuar later on and with time, became a cult film. In 1948 the cartoon received the Golden Globe Award.
One copy of "Bambi' was Disney's gift to the USSR (now Russia).


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